SchedulerFilter in Web Application monitoring

A customer asked to limit the monitoring for a web site during a specific timeframe.

In this Technet Forum thread it was suggested to add the SchedulerFilter to an existing “Web Application Transation Monitoring”.

In the following blog post I will show how to add a SchedulerFilter to a “Web¬†Application Transaction Monitoring” object.

Start by exporting the MP and then edit it an XML editor. Look for the DataSource module type.


From the documentation at MSDN you can find the definition of the module. In my example I will filter the workflow to run every day between 02:45 AM and 03:10 AM.

<ConditionDetection ID="Schedule" TypeID="System!System.SchedulerFilter">
<ExcludeDates />

Add the filter module to the DataSource and add it to the Composition order.


Save the MP and import it into the Operations Manager MG. I recommend that you test this in a Lab/Test environment before implementing in a production environment.

An example can be found here.


  • This method will only work for the “Web Application Transaction Monitoring” not the “Availability Monitoring” template.
  • You can’t see this filter in the Operations Manager Console so¬†update your Operations Manager documentation.


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2 responses to SchedulerFilter in Web Application monitoring

  1. Tom

    Good article. Getting an error when adding the filter module to the DataSource and add it to the Composition order.
    This management pack cannot be imported.

    : XSD verification failed for the management pack. [Line: 4852, Position: 18]
    The key sequence ‘SchedulerFilter’ in ‘ModuleReferenceIDKey’ Keyref fails to refer to some key.

    You have an example MP that can be downloaded?

  2. Markus

    I’ve uploaded an example MP here.

    I also found an error in my post. The time specified in the filter is when the filter should forward the information.

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