Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8 MP

Last week some new MPs were released from Microsoft to support the new operating system Windows Server 2012 and some of its new Components.

Base OS

A new version of the Base OS Management Pack has been released, which will support the upcoming Windows Server version 2012.

This Management Pack will work with both Operations Manager 2007 R2 and Operations Manager 2012. But to be able to monitor Windows Server 2012 in a 2007 R2 environment you will need a 2012 agent on the monitored server.

Download it from here.


There has also been a release of a Management Pack supporting the new version of Internet Information Services. Version 8 is the new version of Internet Information Services for Windows Server 2012.

The IIS8 MP can be downloaded from here.

To get a list of the current versions and dates of Management packs from Microsoft, see my automatically updated MP list.

Management Pack, SCOM 2007 R2, SCOM 2012

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