UR2 for SC2012 realeased

Two weeks ago Update Rollup 2 was released for System Center 2012, including Operations Manager. Issues that has been fixed:

Windows Monitoring

Issue 1
The Windows PowerShell module runspace configuration cache grows indefinitely. This causes memory usage to increase.

Issue 2
The Set-SCOMLicense cmdlet fails if the management group evaluation expiration time-out has expired.

UNIX and Linux Monitoring (Management Pack Update)

Issue 1
The System Center Operations Manager agent may crash on Oracle Solaris root zones that are configured to use a range of dedicated CPUs.

Issue 2
The UNIX/Linux agent process provider may not enumerate running processes if a process has arguments that include non-ASCII characters. This prevents process/daemon monitoring.

Issue 3
The .rpm specification file for the agent for Red Hat Enterprise Linux does not specify the distribution.

Read more at the KB2731874 information page.


The update for Operations Manager 2012 can be downloaded here.

The supported installation order:

  1. Install the update on the server infrastructure:
    1. Management server or servers
    2. Gateway servers
    3. Reporting servers
    4. Web console server role computer
    5. Operations console role computers
  2. Manually import the management packs.
  3. Apply the agent update to manually installed agents, or push the installation from the Pending view in the Operations console.

After running the exe-file to unpack the files, apply the appropriate msp-file to each server. Lastly import the new MP’s.

The updated MP for monitored servers running Linux/Unix has to be downloaded seperately from here. After the MP’s has been imported, the agents can med upgraded.

SCOM 2012, UR

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