MP versions and release dates

This page will contain versions and dates of a selection of MP’s for Operations Manager 2007 R2 and 2012. The list will be updated continuously.

MP NameMP VersionRelease date
Orchestrator 20121.10000-00-00
Windows Deployment Services1.10000-00-00
Windows Server Failover Cluster1.10000-00-00
Hyper-V 20121.20000-00-00
Windows Server Print Server1.20000-00-00
Windows Server 2012 RDS1.20000-00-00
SharePoint 20131.20000-00-00
Windows Server AD CS 20121.10000-00-00
Windows Server 2012 AD RMS1.20000-00-00
SCSM 20121.20000-00-00
WS-Management/SMASH 1.20000-00-00
TFS 20101.20000-00-00
Java EE1.20000-00-00
Endpoint Protection2.00000-00-00
Unix and Linux2.00000-00-00
MS SQL1.80000-00-00
DPM 20101.10000-00-00
SCCM 20121.10000-00-00
App Controller1.10000-00-00
SCVMM 20121.10000-00-00
IIS 81.20000-00-00
Sharepoint 20101.10000-00-00
Exchange 20106.20000-00-00
Windows 2008 NLB2.20000-00-00
IIS 72.20000-00-00
Windows OS2.20000-00-00
MS DHCP2.00000-00-00
MS DNS2.00000-00-00
Active Directory2.00000-00-00
Last updated: 2018-10-21 03:25:58 CET

Management Pack, SCOM 2007 R2, SCOM 2012

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