Tomcat discovery in SCOM 2012 RC

Out of the box SCOM 2012 RC will not discover Tomcat servers running as Windows services. There are a few steps required before they will show up as being monitored in SCOM 2012 RC.

I’ve previously installed Tomcat and imported the JEE Management packs to my SCOM 2012 RC test environment.

First of all I’ll check that my Tomcat server is running, in my case Tomcat 7.0 on a Windows Server 2008 R2.

Tomcat Windows service

Tomcat Splash page

Tomcat seems to be running¬†so I create a new text-file called “config_Tomcat.txt” and list all JEE Application Servers per URL. In my case one: “http://tomcat:8081.

Next, it is time to install BeanSpy. BeanSpy is an application that ships with the JEE MP and will run on the Tomcat server passing information to our SCOM server.

There are four files listed in the BeanSpy directory; BeanSpy.ear, BeanSpy.HTTP.NoAuth.ear, BeanSpy.HTTP.NoAuth.war and BeanSpy.war. Since I’m not using authentication I’ll rename “BeanSpy.HTTP.NoAuth.war” to “BeanSpy.war”. Either put the war-file in the webapps directory to autoimport BeanSpy or manually import it in the Tomcat manager.

Import BeanSpy

“Message: OK”¬†and the BeanSpy application is listed.

BeanSpy imported ok

Verify that BeanSpy can query the server by trying the URL in a web browser:


You can also try it with a JMXQuery. It will output the result as an XML-file.

BeanSpy verification

Import the MP from the Sample folder called “Microsoft.JEE.UniversalSample.xml”.

Import the Microsoft.JEE.UniversalSample.xml MP

This will generate a new folder under “JEE Application Servers” called “Universal application servers”.

MP imported

Next it’s time to import the applications servers. Start the Operations Manager Shell. Run

./New-JEEAppServer.ps1 -help

to get a list of parameters.

Import servers with PS script

In my case the command line was:

type .\config_Tomcat.txt | .\New-JEEAppServer.ps1 -ManagementServer OM2012 -JEEAppServerType Tomcat -JEEAppServerVersion 7

Import Tomcat server

After a few minutes of waiting the the server will be displayed in “Deep monitored configurations”.

Deep monitoring configurations

And the applications will be listed under “Applications”.

Tomcat applications

The Tomcat server and it’s applications are now discovered. For reference, I used the guides that come with the JEE MP’s; “OpsMgr_MP_Tomcat.docx” and “SC2012_JEE_RC_GettingStarted.docx”.

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