New Base OS MP

A new base OS management pack 6.0.6958.0 for Operations Manager has been released. A few weeks earlier version 6.0.7670.0 was released. It had a few bugs which has now been corrected. For example a misspelt monitor parameter and insufficient rights on some Stored procedures in the new reports. Another change is that the BPA monitor isn’t actived by default. The new MP can be downloaded here:

There are several new interesting features included in the new MP:
• Optimized operating system performance collection rules.
• Added two new operating system-specific reports:
• Performance by System
• Performance by Utilization
• Added support for the Server Manager Best Practices Analyzer (BPA). The monitoring pack now collects BPA results from monitored servers and returns the BPA state to Operations Manager.
• Added support to discover and monitor Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV).
• Modified collection rules to include the latest service packs and hotfixes.
• Changed the threshold for the “Average Disk Seconds Per Read”, “Average Disk Seconds Per Transfer”, and “Average Disk Seconds Per Write” monitors to 0.04.
• Added new monitors for “Disk $ Idle Time” and “Current Disk Queue Length”.
• Changed the monitor types for disk performance from Average Samples to Consecutive Samples to reduce noise and improve collected data.
• “Logical Disk Availability Monitor” has been renamed to “File System Error or Corruption”.

The new reports for Utilization and System are nice. But if you have set a different collation on your Reporting server rather than the one recommended for SCOM databases you will run into a problem. The new reports will not run unless you have the collation on the reporting server instance set to “SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS“ (eventhough it is correct on the database).

It is possible to change collation on a server instance, but not advisable. More information is found here:

Management Pack, SCOM 2007 R2

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